Alcatel HHV40 4G/LTE Linkhub Router – Do Not Buy!

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I don’t like to make such common product blog posts, I’d rather leave that to some ad-heavy tech sites or whatever but a rant might be just okay, so here we go:

If you like to have a reliable home network, buy something else. I spent hours trying to get a port forwarded ie. configuring the NAT, but this piece of garbage doesn’t do [1][3]. My carrier settings are fine. The device behind is fine. Using a different router works. I even updated the software to one that is supposed to work (from .06 to .29). Nothing.

Once did I manage to forward port 80. But ONLY if the device also listens on 80. And after hours of trying. Translating 80 <–> 8080 won’t work. Translating 40 <–> 40 won’t work (weird). I also heard a lot of complaints in carrier forums that online multiplayer via PlayStation etc. doesn’t work well either behind those things. Carriers say its because of the routers NAT not working properly [2]. I wonder if other Alcatel routers have the same issue?

If you know a solution, or actually have one of these things running with NAT working properly, please tell me…
If you are Alcatel, please prove me wrong, tell me there isn’t a problem and tell me why.



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