HACKVent 2020 – Day 4

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Challenge – HV20.04 Br❤️celet

Santa was given a nice bracelet by one of his elves. Little does he know that the secret admirer has hidden a message in the pattern of the bracelet…

Over the day, two sets of hints were given:

  1. No internet is required – only the bracelet (#1)
  2. The message is encoded in binary (#1)
  3. Violet color is the delimiter (#2)
  4. Colors have a fixed order (#2)
  5. Missing colors matter(#2)


We started the challenge in the afternoon, when all hint were already given.…

Alcatel HHV40 4G/LTE Linkhub Router – Do Not Buy!

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I don’t like to make such common product blog posts, I’d rather leave that to some ad-heavy tech sites or whatever but a rant might be just okay, so here we go:

If you like to have a reliable home network, buy something else.…