HACKVent 2020 – Day 14

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Challenge – Santa’s Special GIFt

Today, you got a strange GIFt from Santa:

You are unsure what it is for. You do happen to have some wood lying around, but the tool seems to be made for metal. You notice how it has a rather strange size.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 12

Challenge – Wiener waltz

During their yearly season opening party our super-smart elves developed an improved usage of the well known RSA crypto algorithm. Under the “Green IT” initiative they decided to save computing horsepower (or rather reindeer power?) on their side.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 11

Challenge – Chris’mas carol

Since yesterday’s challenge seems to have been a bit on the hard side, we’re adding a small musical innuendo to relax.

My friend Chris from Florida sent me this score. Enjoy! Is this what you call postmodern?…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 10

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Challenge – Be patient with the adjacent

Ever wondered how Santa delivers presents, and knows which groups of friends should be provided with the best gifts? It should be as great or as large as possible! Well, here is one way.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 9

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Challenge – Santa’s Gingerbread Factory

Here you can customize your absolutely fat-free gingerbread man.

Note: Start your personal instance from the RESOURCES section on top.

Goal / Mission

Besides the gingerbread men, there are other goodies there. Let’s see if you can get the goodie, which is stored in /flag.txt

HACKVent 2020 – Day 8

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Challenge – The game

Let’s play another little game this year. Once again, as every year, I promise it is hardly obfuscated.


The file contained an obfuscated Perl script, neatly formatted to look like tetris. Of couse, when ran, it really was a tetris game.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 7

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Challenge – Bad morals

One of the elves recently took a programming 101 course. Trying to be helpful, he implemented a program for Santa to generate all the flags for him for this year’s HACKvent 2020. The problem is, he can’t remember how to use the program any more and the link to the documentation just says 404 Not found.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 6

Challenge – Twelve steps of christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

six valid QRs,
five potential scrambles,
four orientation bottom and right,
and the rest has been said previously.

PDF version


a printer




Since I am not that much into rubik cubes, I tried the brute force method.…

HACKVent 2020 – Day 5

Challenge – Image DNA

Santa has thousands of Christmas balls in stock. They all look the same, but he can still tell them apart. Can you see the difference?


The first attempt so solving the challenge was to load the images into an editor and inspect them visually.…